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On November 22, Scarborough Health Network (SHN) will celebrate its fifth anniversary. When I think back to the weeks and months comprising the integration of Scarborough’s three hospitals and community-based satellites, it feels surreal to realize all that we accomplished under the guidance of our first Strategic Plan: 2018-2023.

When we became SHN, we brought a spirit of celebration to our brand: the look, feel, and emotion that informs how we act, what we focus on, and how we treat each other. Together with our corporate values to be compassionate, innovative, courageous, and inclusive, it is this spirit that has guided us along our journey.

From developing our permanent new name and visual identity (with our logo clearly showing a map of Scarborough because we are proud of where we are); to supporting our community through the COVID-19 pandemic; to celebrating our many capital, infrastructure, and fundraising advancements as we “Build It Forward” for Scarborough; to our current work “Reimagining Care” to refresh and refocus our Strategic Plan for 2024 and beyond, SHN has done outstanding work for Scarborough healthcare in its first five years.

Last month, we reached important milestone in our multi-year wayfinding project, unveiling new standardized wayfinding signage across our hospitals, which is another tremendous achievement for our organization. Signs for units and departments at all of our hospitals now share one cohesive, modern look and naming system. As part of this work, unit and department names have been harmonized with some new standard names being used. In addition, new standard names are also being used for registration kiosks, referral letters, appointment reminders, MyChart, and hospital maps.

Now, our sights are set on ensuring we get it right for the next five years in front of us. As we approach our fifth anniversary, we continue to be inspired by the voices of our vibrant and diverse community, which truly reflect the heart of who we are, who we serve, and who we represent. If you missed our in-person event last week, I encourage you to register for our virtual “Reimagining Care” Community Forum on November 15. Your perspective is incredibly important; our “Reimagining Care: Strategic Planning Process” is your opportunity to have your voice heard, and help shape the way our organization moves forward.


David Graham
President and CEO
Scarborough Health Network