Scarborough Health Network Research Institute (SHNRI) is proud to announce that it has been awarded its first-ever grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to host a Café Scientifique, an exciting initiative that will bring together researchers and community members to encourage collaboration and reduce barriers to participation in research specific to the people of Scarborough. This grant marks a significant milestone in SHNRI’s commitment to fostering innovation and scientific engagement within the Scarborough community, and impact on how Scarborough Health Network (SHN) is transforming the patient experience.

CIHR grants are a big deal!

SHN Research Institute won the grant following a rigorous and highly competitive application process (only five per cent of applications submitted to CIHR are awarded grants). CIHR’s support will empower the Institute to further its groundbreaking research efforts in several key areas of healthcare, with a strong focus on enhancing care and improving patient outcomes at SHN.

“With our first CIHR grant, SHN Research Institute continues to be a growing force within the research and medical professional communities. This achievement reflects the dedication and commitment of our SHNRI team and the exceptional work they do. We are grateful to CIHR for their support as we work to advance healthcare research and innovation,” said David Graham, President and CEO of SHN.

Strengthening the connection between the Scarborough community and research

Café Scientifique is a series of CIHR-funded public discussions on health-related topics. These informal gatherings create a space for the community to interact with leading experts, ask questions, and engage in conversations about pressing health issues. SHN Research Institute has titled their Café Scientifique REACH Scarborough (Research Education and Access for Community Health in Scarborough).

SHN Research Institute’s event will offer a unique platform for opportunities to discuss ethical issues important to the community, and why research is needed and can be used as an avenue to access new, cutting-edge healthcare options. Furthermore, the event will allow collaboration on identifying barriers and limitations to participation in research that are unique to Scarborough, and to discuss potential solutions.

The CIHR grant provides critical support for hosting this event, including for guest speakers, venue accommodations, and community outreach efforts. “Funding for Café Scientifique helps us to raise our Scarborough community’s participation in healthcare research. The event will also help with attracting research talent and making the results of research more applicable to our diverse community and the increasingly diverse makeup of communities across Canada,” said Graham.

Dr. Adriana Carvalhal, Scientific Director of SHN Research Institute, expressed her enthusiasm about the grant and the upcoming Café Scientifique, saying, “We are thrilled to have received this grant from CIHR. It underscores our commitment to building bridges between our researchers and the community we serve. Café Scientifique is a fantastic way to engage the public and ignite curiosity about the vital research taking place right here in Scarborough.”

“Part of our mission at SHN Research Institute is to make research accessible to everyone. We believe that knowledge is most powerful when it’s shared, and Café Scientifique will be an important platform for bringing our community closer to the research taking place within our Institute. After all, that will impact the care delivered at SHN,” said Dr. Carvalhal.

You don’t need to wait for the Café Scientifique to get involved in Scarborough research

REACH Scarborough Café Scientifique

SHN Research Institute REACH Scarborough Café Scientifique will be open to the public and is set to take place mid-2024. SHNRI is very excited to welcome researchers, healthcare professionals, and the community to join in these enlightening conversations. All community members are encouraged to attend, regardless of their level of scientific knowledge. Further details to come as the date approaches.