Central East Clinical Information System
An EPIC Transformation

What is Epic

Central East Clinical Information System

Introducing a system that creates a digital health record to give patients more control over their care and improve our staff’s ability to make decisions that will transform the health experience.

Scarborough Health Network (SHN) has partnered with six other hospital organizations, together representing 14 hospitals in Ontario’s Central East region, to deliver a new, digital clinical information system (CIS). With this new system, each of the 1.5 million people in the Central East region who receive hospital care will have a single, unified personal health record across the partner hospitals. Epic went live for all seven partner organizations on December 3, 2021.

Partner hospitals that have switched to Epic

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Lakeridge Health

What does this mean for patients and families?

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For the first time in Central East Ontario, patients and their entire care teams have real-time access to each patient’s health information in one place. Patients are  able to view their personal health information and upcoming appointments through a free, user-friendly, secure portal called Central East MyChart.

The Epic system brings your care team timelier access to information to support clinical decision-making, including test results, medication information, and other essential health information. New features like barcode identity validation at the bedside mean your safety is our top priority, while less duplication and more efficient processes contribute to a more sustainable health system.

What to Know for Your Next Visit

Top 5 Things to Know Before Your Next Visit to SHN

  1. Patients and families may initially notice longer wait times, as well as some different processes. For example, if you arrive at any of our emergency departments, an outpatient clinic, or for your day surgery appointment, you will encounter new and renewed patient registration areas at each of our three hospitals that feature self-serve kiosks.

  2. Kiosks will be staffed by Registration personnel (including on evenings and weekends) who will assist you in using the kiosk, answer your questions, and help direct you to your appointment. The kiosks will allow you to privately register in a designated area, instead of in a waiting room.

  3. You may wonder why SHN staff and doctors are using computers and mobile devices. With Epic, our teams will be using devices including cell phones, tablets, and computers to do their work. All the information will be securely stored in Epic.

  4. The quality of the care we provide is our top priority, but during this transition it may take a little extra time for us to input and process data. We appreciate your patience as we move to what will ultimately be a faster, safer and better way to work with you in delivering care!

  5. We’ve refreshed our patient invoices with a new look and you’ll be able to pay your next hospital bill using the patient web portal, MyChart Central East Ontario. With MyChart, you can access your own medical records and personal health information with just a few clicks.
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A free, secure, online tool to view and share your health information!

Sign up today:

How to sign up on your browser:

How to sign up for the app on your phone:

Having difficulties logging in or seeing your health record?

All Your Health Information in One Place:

  • Find important information about your visit or appointment
  • Share your health information with members of your healthcare team
  • View your test results and other health information
  • View your health information from partner hospitals
  • View, cancel, or reschedule upcoming appointments
  • Use the eCheckIn tool to save time during registration at the hospital or clinic
  • View educational materials and discharge information from past visits and hospital stays
  • Patients and providers can communicate by sending messages through MyChart Messaging, meaning patients can ask a medical question without having to call the clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

SHN implemented a new electronic health record and patient portal on December 3, 2021. This new patient portal is called MyChart Central East Ontario. MyChart is a free, secure online tool offering you access to view and share your health record. You can choose to share your health record with family members/ partners-in-care or members of your healthcare team outside of SHN.

You can register for MyChart at www.mychart.ourepic.ca as of December 3, 2021.

For questions or concerns, please contact us at Communications@SHN.ca

With MyChart, you can access your health records in one place. This includes:

  • A summary of your hospital visits
  • Bloodwork results
  • Test results
  • Clinical notes written by members of your healthcare team
  • A list of your appointments
  • A list of your medications
  • Adding information such as your blood pressures, weights, immunizations etc.

You can also view your health records from SHN and any one of these partner hospitals:

  • Campbellford Memorial Hospital
  • Haliburton Highland Health Services
  • Lakeridge Health
  • Northumberland Hills Hospital
  • Ross Memorial Hospital
  • Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Starting in December 2021, you can download the MyChart app for your Apple or Android device from the App Store or Google Play store. Search for MyChart and locate the correct version of the app.

The mobile app contains many of the same features as the MyChart website. Select the hospital where you receive care before signing in. If you select the wrong organization, click “switch organization” above the log in details.