Quality Improvement

2022/23 Quality Improvement Plan

Scarborough Health Network (SHN) is forging ahead to achieve our strategic directions and shape the future of care by:

  • Building partnerships in our community to be able to deliver and meet our diverse population’s health care needs.
  • Reinforcing health equity and launching innovative ways to enhance quality across our health network, while maintaining culturally, physically and psychologically safe care.
  • Ensuring continuous education, staff engagement, and empowerment through strong patient partnerships.

One of the key drivers for us continues to be our Strategic Direction, Set a New Standard for Exceptional Quality and Patient Safety. This is more than an everyday commitment — it is a relentless pursuit of the highest level of safe, quality medical care, and the kind of mindful preoccupation that boldly defines our 2022-23 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). 

Check out SHN’s 2022/2023 QIP

An executive summary of this year’s plan that describes our driving priorities, how we have engaged patients and families, our work on key quality issues, and our greatest quality improvement story.

Download SHN 2022/23 QIP Narrative

Our plan for the year, outlining what are we trying to accomplish, our measurements for tracking our progress, and our change ideas for achieving our quality improvement goals.

Download SHN 2022/23 Work Plan

A summary of how we did with last year’s QIP — including our indicator results and the status of the change ideas in the last work plan.

Download SHN 2021/22 QIP Progress Report

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