We are updating our Birchmount Hospital phone lines. When you call through the main line (416-495-2400), you will need to add “7” when dialing an extension.

Electronic Referrals at SHN

Scarborough Health Network (SHN) is pleased to be expanding the use of eReferrals for our programs and services. Healthcare Providers will be able to more seamlessly submit patient referrals electronically to us for an increasing number of hospital services.

NOTE: While we transition to making more eReferral options available, many of our programs and services still have PDF referral forms that can be downloaded. Please view our Referral Form Directory.

Our eReferral Tools

To help better connect our network with community providers, SHN has moved to the use of two complementary platforms: Ocean eReferral Network and EpicCare Link.

  • eReferral platform offered through the Provincial eServices Program, currently funded by Ontario Health
  • Directory of referral destinations in the community and hospitals, with eReferral forms supporting a wide range of services
  • Integrates with Accuro, TELUS PS Suite, and OSCAR Pro to launch auto-populated referrals directly from the patient chart in your EMR
  • Ocean eReferral can also be accessed directly on the web at www.oceanhealthmap.ca
  • Simplified communication and tracking between primary care providers, specialists and patients
  • SHN is actively collaborating on developing a wide range of Ocean eReferral destinations in our region in the coming months

SHN services now using the Ocean eReferral Network

We are constantly working to grow our list of services on the Ocean eReferral Network. All those currently using Ocean eReferrals can be found in our Referral Forms directory page and have an ‘E-REFERRAL’ button in their listing. Please use the search functions in the directory to find the clinic/program you need.

How to Register

SHN and the Scarborough Ontario Health Team (SOHT) and Scarborough Family Physicians Network (SFPN) are working together to support healthcare providers in our community who may be interested in onboarding onto Ocean and/or EpicCare Link.

Sign up for Ocean as a provider

Community providers and providers affiliated with SHN who are interested in being onboarded to Ocean, can register by completing our online form.

For additional information or to request a demo of Ocean eReferral, please email your Ontario Health East Deployment Team at: contact@ereferralontarioeast.ca.

Sign up for EpicCare Link as a CEHC provider

If you are a provider within the Central East Hospital Cluster (CEHC) and are interested in onboarding to CEHC EpicCare Link, please visit the “New Account Request” page.