Patient Experience Week (PX) is an annual event to celebrate our healthcare staff and community who are impacting patient experience every day. Inspired by The Beryl Institute, PX Week provides us with an opportunity to highlight accomplishments, re-energize efforts, and thank the teams that impact patient care in a positive way. From nurses, physicians, allied health, support staff, volunteers, and executive levels as well as the Scarborough community, so many people are working together to enhance the patient’s experience.

This past year our teams have continued to provide compassionate care, and their dedication, teamwork, and resiliency have ensured patients continue to receive the care they need, when and where they need it the most.

Our staff and professional staff are all a part of the patient experience. Thank you to our entire SHN community for their courage, compassion, and caring attitude. We are incredibly grateful for their commitment to our patients and communities, as well as their dedication and commitment during these challenging times in healthcare.

Please join us this week in celebrating their accomplishments, especially in shaping a kinder, more compassionate, person-centred health network.

We want to hear from you!

Open and honest communication is important to building trusting relationships between patients and healthcare providers. Our Patient Relations office can help to support this kind of communication.

If you have concerns, compliments, or personal feedback about your care, please visit the Patient Relations page.

Patient Partnership Principles

This PX Week, we are excited to share SHN’s Patient Partnership Principlesdemonstrating our commitment to always working in partnership with our patients and families.

At SHN, we believe that patient and family-centred care is achieved through respect, collaboration, communication, and safe, quality care. This approach results in optimal health, patient safety, health equity, and a positive patient and family experience.