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ADHD Clinic

General Information

General Information

Scarborough Health Network’s (SHN) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Clinic provides a comprehensive assessment for youth experiencing symptoms of ADHD who live in Scarborough, Pickering or Ajax, between the ages of 4.5 to 17 years old. SHN’s ADHD Clinic also provides education to parents and teachers, to better support youth with accommodations and environmental adjustments.

Our team consists of a Child and Youth Worker, a Registered Social Worker and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Length of treatment

The assessment process begins with a telephone intake to find out the strengths and challenges of the youth and to determine if our clinic is the right service for the family. Following the telephone intake, an individualized plan will be recommended. Once connected with our clinic, clients are typically involved for up to 1 year with our services.

What people are saying

“Before coming to the ADHD Clinic, I was constantly getting phone calls from the school, the kids were fighting all the time, and he needed 1:1 supervision to finish his morning and evening routines. Since going through the detailed steps of getting him assessed by the team at the clinic, we have gained a lot in terms of education and support, and alongside the use of medication, he now likes to go to school, and does much better, both academically and socially. There is also better communication and follow through at home. Thank you ADHD Clinic!”
– Anonymous Parent Feedback

Our Services

What we offer

We provide short-term services that can include:

  • Service navigation
  • Social work assessment
  • Short term consultation with our psychiatrist, for the purposes of diagnoses and medication titration and stabilization for ADHD
  • Individual interventions on a case-by-case basis
  • Group education workshops for parents/guardians and teachers
  • Case management
How to access care

What to expect

After receiving the referral from the family doctor or paediatrician, within a few months, the Child and Youth Worker will contact the parent/guardian for a 30-minute conversation to determine if our clinic is the appropriate resource for the youth. If it is felt that our clinic can be helpful, an individualized treatment plan will be recommended.

Inclusion criteria

Client must be at least 4.5 years of age or able to complete the assessment and diagnostic process before they turn 18 years of age. They must live in either Scarborough, Pickering or Ajax. A number of ADHD symptoms must be reported in the telephone intake step by either the parent/guardian, teacher or client, all having been present since before the youth turned 12 years of age.

Defining success

Our goal is to form a connection with the families we work with, and share information and education about what ADHD is, and is not. We hope that this knowledge will provide families with the understanding of why a particular treatment direction is recommended. This will help families make adjustments and advocate for their child, which in our experience results in improved communication, routines and performance, in multiple environments. 

Ocean e-Referral

We are now accepting Ocean eReferrals! For additional information, please email your Ontario Health East Deployment Team at contact@ereferralontarioeast.ca

SHN, the Scarborough Ontario Health Team (SOHT), and Scarborough Family Physicians Network (SFPN) are working together to support healthcare providers in our community who may be interested in onboarding onto Ocean. Get started by completing the Ontario Health East online form.

Contact us

Call for appointment inquiries: 416-431-8167
Call for general inquiries: 416-281-7301
Fax referral forms: 416-281-7465
Fax non-referral forms: 437-780-5562


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