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Prenatal Classes

General Information

Currently, our prenatal classes are held virtually online. To join, please book your class using our registration form.

Prenatal Classes

Prenatal and childbirth education classes provide families with important information and skills preparation that are fundamental to childbirth and the first few weeks of parenthood.

Our prenatal classes are taught by qualified labour and delivery nurses who will guide you through everything that you need to know about having a baby – from what to do when you go into labour, to important tips for caring for your newborn.

Each class is about eight hours, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What you will learn in class

Our classes are very comprehensive. Our labour and delivery nurses who teach are experienced and skilled. You can feel comfortable knowing that they will be able to answer almost any question you have about delivering your baby.

Here is an outline of what you will learn at our prenatal class:

  • Stages of labour and what to expect
  • Coping strategies, including breathing techniques
  • When to come to the hospital, including what to bring
  • Role of the support person(s)
  • Medical interventions, including induction, pain management options and cesarean birth
  • Hospital information and procedures
  • Breastfeeding information
  • Tips including resources for before and after

All participants are provided with a package of materials that has information on what was covered in class. There is always time for open discussion and a chance to go over any questions you or your partner may have. At the end of your class you will be reminded to use the e-mail address should you require further information or clarification of class content.

Important information for attending class

You will receive a confirmation email containing a link to the class when your registration is complete.  Watch your email a day or two before your scheduled class as you will receive an updated invitation that will include attachments that we will use in the class. If possible please print them out ahead of time.

Your registration also includes a USB flash drive with a number of resources that you may find useful during your preparation for childbirth, the birth of your child and afterwards in caring for your newest family member.

On the day of your class the teacher will open the meeting at 8:45 a.m. for participants to sign in. Please do so prior to 9 a.m.

There will be ample time for questions during the class and at the end of the day. There will be breaks to allow the teacher to setup.

How to Register

Register for Class

Currently, our prenatal classes are held virtually online (not in-person). To join, please book your class using our registration form below. If you have any difficulties, please contact prenatalclass@shn.ca.

Class enrolment will not be confirmed until your payment has been received.


The fee for SHN’s Virtual Prenatal Class is $50. Payment is required within one week of submitting the  Registration Form. A member of the Birthing and Newborn Centre team will contact you once your payment has been processed to confirm your class booking.

Payment options

Please call our secure Credit Card Payment Line at 416-281-7248. The line is available at all times.

Leave a message with the following information:

  • What the payment is for (i.e. Prenatal Class)
  • Name of patient
  • Class date
  • Credit card number
  • Expiration date on card

You may make a payment on-site at our Finance office, located on the 14th floor at our Centenary Hospital (2867 Ellesmere Road).

The office is open Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you have difficulties, please contact us at 416-284-8131 ext. 4011.

For any questions regarding payment, please contact ar@shn.ca.

SHN understands the importance of preparing for the birth of your child and does not want financial considerations to prevent those who wish to attend from doing so. If you require assistance, please contact your doctor, midwife or the prenatal instructor at prenatalclass@shn.ca.

Learn More

Birthing Unit Tours

Birthing unit tours have been cancelled until further notice. Please check with us at a later date about coming for a tour.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

SHN is now offering a free prenatal breastfeeding class for mothers who plan to deliver at our hospitals. Support persons are welcome. The classes are led by lactation consultants.