It only takes a second to say thanks. And, for hospital and health care workers across Ontario, being thanked by their patients, family members, and people in our communities means a lot.

This Thanksgiving season, YOU can boost health care workers spirits by joining the Ontario Hospital Association’s Say Thanks campaign

All you have to do is record a short video through campaign’s website – or record it on your phone and upload it to the site –  thanking health care workers for going above and beyond for Ontarians during the pandemic.

As health care staff and clinicians work through the COVID-19 pandemic’s fourth wave and beyond, messages of gratitude, love, and support are raising our spirits and and renewing our dedication to providing exceptional care. Thank YOU for taking the time to share your gratitude with us. 

Record your video now

What you can say in your video

  • Introduce yourself: provide your name, your community and your local hospital.
  • Thank hospital staff for their amazing work and dedication.
  • Share a short story about an experience you may have recently had or why what they’re doing matters.
  • Try to keep your video to 20-30 seconds.

The OHA will compile these messages into a thank-you video which will be shared with hospital teams, staff, and volunteers in the coming weeks.

Thank you for sharing your stories of thanks and gratitude. It means the world to us.