Scarborough Health Network (SHN) has big plans underway to “Build It Forward” for the future of our community’s healthcare, with redevelopment projects at all three SHN hospitals that will enable us to realize SHN’s overarching Master Plan.

The new Birchmount Hospital will be the largest redevelopment in SHN’s history. The first phase of the project, known as Birchmount Redevelopment Phase 1A, consists of a multi-level tower, which will house our new emergency department, operating rooms, inpatients beds, diagnostic imaging, etc.  Additionally, the project includes expanding our parking capacity at Birchmount Hospital, as well as renovations and upgrades to the existing hospital.

SHN held two Birchmount Redevelopment Community Forums in March, hosted by David Graham, SHN president and CEO, and Faaiza Ali, Vice President, Redevelopment (Interim). Each event began with an informative presentation by the SHN Redevelopment team, followed by interactive opportunities for sharing feedback and asking questions.

What We Heard

SHN hosted community members and partners from across Scarborough at the Markham Convention Centre in Scarborough on March 8 and in a virtual session on March 28, to learn more about how SHN will “Build It Forward” for Scarborough. Here is what our Scarborough community had to say about SHN’s Birchmount Hospital redevelopment project.

Optimistic about the future of healthcare

Overall, participants were very positive in response to the Birchmount Hospital redevelopment project. Many felt that this modernization effort was long overdue, citing that the redevelopment will meet current and future community needs such as a growing elderly population. They believe that the Birchmount Hospital redevelopment project has the potential to improve patient outcomes, make people want to seek care in their community, and result in more timely care. There was also strong interest in the prospect of a “no-wait” emergency department, and participants expressed that Birchmount Hospital has the potential to become one of the best hospitals in the city.

Looking for welcoming space

Participants were excited about the prospect of having state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities in their community, along with growth in capacity, expanded services, and the convenience and ease this will mean for patients and their families. In particular, participants emphasized the need for a facility that would make people feel welcome and comfortable. This could include design elements such as colour choice, décor, or lighting. Other important are elements included accessibility, parking, and wayfinding, especially during construction. They also shared that the new facility should reflect Scarborough’s diversity, from translation services to cultural centres.

Keen on information and engagement opportunities

The community would like to receive ongoing updates about the Birchmount Hospital redevelopment project and the “Love, Scarborough” fundraising campaign, and emphasized the need for visual content, that is multilingual and easy to understand. Participants were interested in additional engagement sessions and wish to be a part of this discussion as it progresses.

Next Steps

Together with experts in healthcare redevelopment, SHN is finalizing the Stage 1.3 Functional Program Birchmount Hospital Phase 1A redevelopment submission to the Ministry of Health in June. This submission was developed in collaboration with staff, medical staff, volunteers, learners, and our community over the last six months. This was achieved through engagement meetings, our staff town hall, an internal survey, and two community forums. Thank you to all who participated.

Read more about the Ministry of Health’s Capital Planning Process at

We are committed to incorporating the unique needs of Scarborough into every element of design as we continue to shape the future of healthcare at SHN. Over the coming months and years, SHN will continue to engage patients, families, physicians, staff, partners, community members, Scarborough residents and other stakeholders about the future of healthcare in Scarborough.

Fundraising for our Local Share

SHN’s redevelopment and expansion projects will be a multi-year investment that will shape the future of our community’s healthcare. We are grateful that the Ontario Government will be investing more than $1 billion into a number of projects for SHN and that generous donors have contributed more than $143 million to date through our “Love, Scarborough” campaign—and we’re just getting started.

When a new hospital is built in Ontario, the provincial government agrees to pay the majority of the hospital construction costs, but not the entire cost. The communities served by the hospital are responsible for a local share of the project. The “local share” of financing the project is a government requirement, estimated to be between 25-30 per cent of the total project cost, and includes a portion of the total project cost, as well costs for new equipment, furniture, fixtures, and parking lot infrastructure.

You and your loved ones can help raise funds to support projects like this one by registering for SHN Zoo Day taking place Sunday, June 11. Join this brand-new adventure featuring all your favourite residents from the Toronto Zoo, all in support of SHN Foundation. Sign up today!

Together, you are helping us to realize our vision of being Canada’s leading teaching community health network and transforming your health experience. This is truly an exciting time for all who live and work in Scarborough.