Update to phone lines at our Birchmount and General Hospitals: If calling through Birchmount main line (416-495-2400), add “7” when dialing an extension. If calling through General main line (416-438-2911), add “8” when dialing an extension.

We ask because we care

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Health Equity Data Collection at SHN

At Scarborough Health Network (SHN), we ask our patients to fill out a demographic questionnaire as a part of their registration process. This information helps us better understand the unique needs of our community, and improve the programs and services we provide. We ask because we care.

What to expect

When you arrive at SHN, you may be asked questions related to your race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, income and more. The answers you provide to these questions help improve the quality of health care for you and everyone at SHN, and also helps us better understand the unique needs of our patients.

This information has helped us to make improvements to:

  • Expand interpretations services and translation of patient education materials
  • Build stronger relationships with community agencies
  • Hire staff to improve roles that support an inclusive experience
  • Purchase more accessibility resources including wheelchairs, etc.

Are other hospitals collecting demographic information?

Yes, this is a normal practice. All hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area have been mandated by Ontario Health to collect health equity information. Additionally, The Ontario Human Rights Commission strongly encourages organizations to collect and use demographic information to keep track of the quality of services provided and promote greater equity. Also, Ontario’s Excellent Care for All Act requires healthcare organizations to collect information from patients about their experience as part of how they deliver quality healthcare.

More information

Visit Public Health Ontario’s Health Equity page for more on this topic.