Clockwise from top left: Dr. Stephen Barsky, Ettsa Papalazarou, Joanne Villaflor, Auryse Papadimos, and Janany Jayanthikumar.

Auryse Papadimos holds a special place in her heart for the staff and physicians providing care in the Mental Health department at the Birchmount site.

“They consistently go above and beyond in their care,” she said.

Auryse has been seeing Dr. Stephen Barsky regularly to treat a sleeping disorder, that she has become familiar with the secretaries at the front desk.

“Everyone in the clinic has such warm eyes,” she describes. “You’re greeted with the impression that they truly want to help.”

Auryse recalls one particular instance when she mistakenly left her glasses behind. She had already made it more than two blocks away toward where she parked her car when she heard someone calling out her name.

“It was very cold and extremely windy outside, Joanne had come running after me from the third floor, without a coat on, to bring me my glasses. I was so appreciative.”

But the accolades don’t stop there.

Most recently, Auryse has been receiving internet-assisted mindfulness therapy, which reduces mood and anxiety symptoms, with support from social workers Ettsa Papalazarou and Janany Jayanthikumar.

Auryse confesses that she needed a little help getting the program setup on her computer, so Ettsa and Janany were kind enough to visit Auryse at home to facilitate care. With their support, she is now receiving treatment in the comfort of her own home by following online mindfulness and breathing modules.

Together, Auryse’s care team has made a tremendous impact that she is no longer nervous about visiting the doctor; instead, she describes it as if she’s “visiting friends.”