Headshot of Jennifer Davis

Meet Jennifer Davis, a registered nurse and nurse navigator for Scarborough’s Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience (SCOPE) service, which connects primary care providers (PCPs) with specialists, tests and procedures, community care and mental health resources in real time. Scarborough SCOPE is a joint collaboration between Scarborough Health Network (SHN) and Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities (SCHC) that helps to close the gap between primary care and the rest of the health system.

For Jennifer, not only is she guiding PCPs to much-needed services and care, but she’s also helping patients to get more timely service and treatment in the most seamless way, which can prevent unnecessary emergency department visits. Ultimately, she has Scarborough patients’ best interests at heart.

“As a nurse navigator for SCOPE, I am a patient advocate, something that’s always been important for me,” reflected Jennifer, who has more than two decades of experience in nursing – including in emergency medicine and as a charge nurse for SHN’s medicine program. “By supporting physicians to access the pathways they need, I am helping to break down barriers in healthcare for patients, which makes for a stronger, healthier community.”

Since Scarborough SCOPE’s introduction in 2020, Jennifer has assisted countless patients gain access to services within the hospital and community. This includes resources and programs, such as mental health, palliative care, adult day programs, youth programs and more.  

Jennifer understands the challenges that physicians and other providers in the community face. They are looking for real time support to get services their patients need. PCPs connect with Jennifer or directly to specific high-need pathways, such as Diagnostic Imaging, Mental Health, General Internal Medicine (GIM) or Fracture Clinic by using the dedicated SCOPE phone line 416-495-2556.

“Because of my nursing experience, I have built long-lasting relationships with many physicians in the hospital and across a number of specialities. These relationships are critical for the SCOPE service,” Jennifer explained.

Recently, Jennifer received a request from a family doctor who has a patient with a lipoma on their leg. The family doctor needed some guidance on how to escalate this request, and she was able to seamlessly contact SHN’s plastic surgery team right away and help provide direction.

“It is always my aim to ensure patients are receiving the care they need, when they need it. I am glad I can support our incredible community in this way.”

More about SCOPE’s Impact

Since 2020, SHN and SCHC have introduced five pathways to the Scarborough SCOPE program—nurse navigator, internal medicine, mental health, diagnostic imaging and fracture—each accessible from a menu of options on the dedicated phone line: 416-495-2556. 

Most recently, SCOPE added the fracture pathway, which can make a significant difference in the care journey for patients. Typically, a patient who has a simple fracture may end up waiting in triage at the emergency department, because their primary care provider may not have access to casting materials or an X-ray. Now through SCOPE, PCPs can get their patient directly to the treatment and services they need more efficiently, eliminating the emergency visit.

Since its launch, more than 160 physicians from across Scarborough have signed up for the program. To learn more about SCOPE or how to become a registered user, please visit shn.ca/SCOPE.