In the heart of our health network, Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) stand as the vital link between cutting-edge technology and compassionate patient care. Among them, Kousalya Ganeshkannan and Abiramy Thivakaran shine brightly. As specialists in MRI technology, they blend their technical prowess with a deep commitment to patient care, delivering indispensable services in the diagnostic and treatment process.

Their bond is as strong as their skills. Both Kousalya and Abiramy share a journey of migration from South Asia to Scarborough, and their careers blossomed within the nurturing environment of SHN’s Diagnostic Imaging (DI) department. Their connection deepened when Kousalya faced the challenge of adapting to the culture and behaviours of her new home. Sensing her need for support, her manager turned to Abiramy, a seasoned member of the DI team who could empathize with the struggles of a newcomer.

Under Abiramy’s mentorship, Kousalya transformed. A few shifts of observation, guidance, and encouragement equipped her with the tools to confidently support her patients and advocate for their care. In the process, Abiramy not only propelled her colleague forward but also honed her own leadership skills.

“As I became more familiar with the language and culture, I realized that my confidence would need to improve in order to match my workflow.” says Kousalya. “Abiramy would give me advice and that made me feel like, okay, I’ve got this.”

And while the legacy of mentorship continues to have a ripple effect on the entire DI department, Abiramy takes a more modest reflection on the experience. “I’m so happy that Kousalya is more comfortable with everything.” says Abiramy. “I didn’t do any magic. I just shared my experience and gave her a little help.”

Abiramy and Kousalya embody the power of collaboration and mutual growth. They are shining examples of what we can achieve when we invest in our people and foster their development. At SHN, we believe in the value of our people and take pride in the exceptional, quality care that results from this investment. Their story is a testament to the extraordinary things we can accomplish when we work together.