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Shirley McDonald was genuinely surprised when a drive-by motorcade arrived at her street and slowed down near her home to celebrate her 60-year milestone as an SHN volunteer.

She was aware that her colleagues from SHN’s Volunteer Services would stop by at 3 p.m. but she never expected a vehicle procession. The cars passed by, horns honking, hands waving, and heads popping out shouting: “Thank you Shirley!” “Shirley you’re amazing!” “We love you Shirley!”

As the sounds of horns and expressions of gratitude continued, her neighbours came out to see what was happening, and instantly joined in the celebration when they learned that Shirley was being recognized for 60 years of consistent voluntary work with SHN.

It was a happy moment and Shirley who was lost for words kept saying, “This is wonderful. Thank you. This is just wonderful,” as some waved from afar while others handed her balloons and flowers.

Shirley McDonald is our longest-serving volunteer. She began her volunteer journey at our General hospital on May 5, 1960. She has volunteered in numerous assignments, such as clinical units, information desks, executive roles with our volunteer auxiliary, volunteer office, archive committee, and countless fundraising initiatives. Shirley is currently the Chair of our Social Committee and she previously held the title of Chair of Candy Stripers and the Director of the Volunteers Auxiliary.

Thank you Shirley!