Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic

Scarborough Health Network (SHN)’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Clinic is here to support patients living with chronic inflammation (pain and swelling) in the intestines, such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

The goal of this clinic is to provide patients a faster means of accessing high quality specialized care for their IBD related issues. This can be achieved by centralizing and standardizing the care for IBD patients in Scarborough through a central access point such as this clinic. Our aim is to reduce the complications which accompany poorly controlled IBD (e.g. cancer and surgery) and improve quality of life. 

What We Offer

SHN’s IBD Clinic offers several services to help patients manage and treat their symptoms.

Once referred by a healthcare provider, our multidisciplinary team offers patients:

    • Rapid access to Colorectal Surgery and Rheumatology services;
    • Specialized IBD nursing support, as well as assessments, follow up, and education;
    • Help to address nutrition needs; and further assist with factors of drug coverage, financial resources, and other needs.

      Contact Us

      Birchmount Hospital
      3030 Birchmount Road
      Scarborough, ON
      Phone: 416-495-2400 ext. 5749.
      Fax: 416-495-2599
      Open Monday to Friday
      8AM – 4PM

      IBD Emergencies

      Are you having significant symptoms that you hope to be addressed urgently and you cannot reach your primary Gastroenterologist fast enough? 


      Tel: (416) 416) 495-2400 Ext 5749

      If you contact the IBD clinic for an urgent appointment, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire in order to evaluate your disease activity, before we can offer you an appointment.   

      Examples of when to request an urgent care appointment 

      YES (urgent)new severe abdominal pain, new anal pain, fever that doesn’t go away, recurrent frequent non-bloody vomiting that doesn’t stop, continuous rectal bleeding 

      NO (non-urgent): medication refills, changes in insurance, appointment 

      scheduling/rescheduling, new non-severe symptoms, longstanding or occasional symptoms, general questions or concerns about care 


      IBD Centre, Scarborough Health Network 

      Scarborough, Ontario 



      By contacting the urgent appointment email account of the IBD Centre of the Scarborough Health Network, you agree to be contacted by one of our IBD nurses or IBD gastroenterologist specialists, who may not necessarily be your own IBD specialist. If necessary, these persons will look into your medical records to objectively evaluate your request before we can offer you the urgent appointment. For emergencies requiring immediate attention, please visit your nearest emergency unit. 

      Although all reasonable means are used to protect the security and confidentiality of information sent/received via electronic communication, the IBD Centre staff cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality of all electronic communications.