CA team

Launching SHN’s Cardiac Amyloidosis Clinic

Cardiac Amyloidosis team (left to right): Dr. Saul Miller, Dr. Natalie Ho, Dr. Kibar Yared, Margo Wells RN, Violeta Pala RN

Not pictured: Dr. Nisha D’mello

A cardiac diagnosis can be scary for anyone, especially if the diagnosis is uncommon or unknown to the patient. Cardiologists at Scarborough Health Network (SHN) are once again pushing the boundaries to ensure that patients have access to lifesaving care by opening a new,

Regional Cardiac Care Educational Rounds

Regional Cardiac Care Educational Rounds Scarborough Health Network (SHN) is proud to present weekly regional cardiac care educational rounds for physicians and health professionals in the community. Our cardiac rounds feature SHN cardiologists and other clinical and industry experts, presenting on the latest in cardiac care services, procedures, innovations and more. You're invited Rounds are [...]