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Joeffrey’s Journey

My lead vest takes me back to nursing in Manilla.

I bring my expertise to work.

ROLE: Registered Nurse, Cath Lab


COMING FROM: Manila, the Philippines


LOVES OUTSIDE WORK: Going to the gym, playing guitar

“I got to meet the manager who assured me that my skills and experience meant I could start right away.”

I was a Cath lab nurse in the Philippines for five years before coming to Canada as a student in 2019. I’ve always loved science so I knew I wanted to pursue my career in healthcare but as a newcomer, I didn’t understand the process yet.

I knew that I would need to start somewhere, so I began to study as a Patient Support Worker while working in long term care. When the pandemic hit, I realized I would need healthcare coverage, so I got a job in a grocery store. It wasn’t where I ultimately wanted to be, but I have always been extremely motivated by personal goals and I knew I needed to have some security. After three months, I felt ready to get back into health care so over the next year I did some PSW work and COVID response for the airlines.

One of my colleagues there was a Cath Lab nurse, and she really encouraged me to get back into the field. I decided – what do I have to lose? So, I started reviewing for my nursing license exam here in Canada. Luckily, I passed but I still didn’t know whether my experience back home in Manila would be credited.

All night long, I applied to just about every hospital in the GTA. In less than 24 hours, Scarborough Health Network sent me an email asking if I would like to come in and visit the team.

The whole process went by so quickly! I got to meet the manager who assured me that my skills and experience meant I could start right away. It’s been an incredible journey. I’ve been at Centenary for the last year and I feel so blessed.

In the Cath Lab, you can’t work alone. You rely on a diverse team and while it can be an adjustment to start, everyone is so welcoming. We trust each other.

Start your journey!

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