Aarthi’s Journey

From teaching our nurses best practices to speaking about my Tamil heritage – I share my voice at work.

ROLE: Clinical Practice Leader, Nephrology




LOVES OUTSIDE WORK: Hiking, yoga, listening to music

“I was moving into a leadership role for the first time in my career – a shift which firmly pushed me outside of my comfort zone.”

By the time I joined SHN in 2009, I was an expert in front line medicine. I was confident in my skills as a nurse, and I was excited to pass along the insight and knowledge I had gained throughout my experience delivering patient care.

Having accepted the educator role on one of SHN’s medicine units, I was moving into a leadership role for the first time in my career – a shift that firmly pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

I truly believe that leadership is a quality that all nurses possess at some level. While not all nurses go into management, we all demonstrate types of behaviours which account for effective leadership.

So, I developed my own path towards quiet leadership, and slowly began building up my credentials by training staff on best practices, educating healthcare providers, and supporting teams with their patient care processes.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve had so many opportunities to spread my wings. In fact, the tools I’ve developed as a leader have spilled over into so many other aspects of my life. As a Tamil-speaking Canadian born in Sri Lanka, I’ve had several opportunities to connect with my community through participation in the RNAO’s Tamil Nurses Association and hosting health seminars for Scarborough’s Tamil Seniors. Without a doubt, the work I’ve done to develop my leadership skills has afforded me the opportunity to speak about the issues and stories that are important to me. Working at SHN has quite literally given me a platform to raise my voice, and give back to a community that reflects my experience.

Leadership may not come naturally to everyone. And yet if you’re a nurse who is developing and nurturing discussion while caring for others, then I would say you are already on your way.

Start your journey!

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