Genetic Counselling

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Our regional genetics clinic is located at our Centenary hospital. Through this clinic, we offer genetic counseling services to expectant families and families looking to have a baby (a referral from your doctor is required).

Potential candidates may include:

  • People 35 years of age and older considering a family and wondering about the health of future children
  • A couple with a positive maternal serum screen
  • A couple with frequent pregnancy losses
  • A couple who are blood-related
  • Couples concerned about having children because there is a family history of a condition that may be genetic
  • Someone who has a disorder on one or both sides of the family
  • People who have a medical condition or have taken drugs/alcohol that may place their pregnancy at increased risk


Our services are provided by a genetic counsellor, who works closely with a physician geneticist. Other professionals, such as social workers, chaplains and consulting physicians, are also available if required.

There are two components to our services:

Investigation: Information is gathered about people’s family, medical, and genetic history. If required, specimens are sent to specialized labs for sophisticated tests.

Counseling: Patients are presented with their options, based on the outcome of the genetics investigation. The clinic will also link clients with other agencies that can be of assistance, and refer patients to the Genetics Program of North York General Hospital if consultation with a physician geneticist is required, or if further genetic testing such as amniocentesis is chosen.

Contact information

For more information, please call 416-281-7425. A referral from your doctor will be required.