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Welcome back to The CEO News Desk.

This month, I’d like to highlight some of the incredible work being done in the field of healthcare research here at Scarborough Health Network (SHN). We are entering a new chapter to further improve population health, health equity and system integration, through innovation, education and research. Being successful on the research front will help SHN transform the patient experience.  

With the new Scarborough Health Network Research Institute operating from their home at the General Hospital, we are all excited to see what our researchers produce. Overseeing and supporting this work is our newly appointed scientific director, Dr. Adriana Carvalhal. I have come to know Dr. Carvalhal well, having had the pleasure of working with her on the Research Institute for the past year. The commitment and focus of Dr. Carvalhal and our research team has been key in getting us to the point where we are looking to expand supports and scope to achieve the Research Institute’s vision to provide better health through research that matters to Scarborough.

We are already working with current and prospective researchers, hearing from them about the incredible work they have planned and determining how best our Research Institute can aid them in making it successful.

I look forward to sharing more about the fascinating work that will be conducted through the SHN Research Institute and the positive impact its findings will have in helping us to meet the specific health needs of our community.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season, and looking forward to seeing you again here at The CEO News Desk in the New Year! 

David Graham
President and CEO
Scarborough Health Network