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Research that matters to Scarborough

Last fall, Scarborough Health Network (SHN) Research Institute received its first-ever grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to host a Café Scientifique, following a rigorous and highly competitive application process. This is an exciting initiative that underscores SHN’s commitment to building bridges between our researchers and the community we serve.

Participating in medical research is a way for community members to learn about cutting-edge models of care, but medical research tends to underrepresent individuals living in marginalized and diverse communities. Compared to the rest of Toronto, a very low percentage of Scarborough residents participate in research studies, and we want to understand why.

The Research Education and Access for Community Health in Scarborough (REACH) Café Scientifique, which took place April 4, was a significant milestone in SHN Research Institute’s commitment to innovation and scientific engagement within Scarborough.

The event saw community members, individuals with lived experience, healthcare providers, and researchers explore how to increase research coverage in Scarborough, how to boost participation, informed consent, ethical issues of research, and community engagement in the design of research studies. I am excited to see the future impacts of SHN Research Institute’s work, as we evolve our delivery of exceptional quality care for our patients and their families.

Within our Strategic Plan 2024-2029, Research and Education is an organizational strategic direction with implications for how SHN will continue to transform your healthcare experience. From creating new research and academic spaces in the heart of Scarborough, to expanding our academic network of researchers and partners, and more, SHN will continue to uncover and pursue innovative new ways to address Scarborough’s most critical health needs.


David Graham
President and CEO