Congratulations to SRH’s Vascular Access Team within our Nephrology program!

In September, the Ontario Renal Network recognized SRH for meeting the annual target for the Vascular Access Wait Times (Priority 3) performance indicator and achieving an outstanding rate of 94.5% for the 2017/18 fiscal year.

“The Ontario Renal Network is delighted to recognize the hospital for improving their vascular access surgery wait time indicator performance. Achieving a high rate on indicator means the hospital is in alignment with provincial priorities and continues to provide high quality renal care” explained Dr. Peter Blake, Provincial Medical Director, Ontario Renal Network.

SRH’s nephrology program is one of the largest in North America, and there is a growing need for vascular access surgery within our community. Last year, the vascular access team cared for 170 Priority 3 patients through their surgical journey, and the vascular access clinic had more than 1600 patient visits.

For patients who need it, vascular access surgery is a crucial procedure. The target wait time for Priority 3 patients is 28 days from initial clinic visit to their surgery.

To meet demand and provide patients and families with exceptional and timely care, SRH’s vascular access team made several process improvements. They expanded clinic days to twice a week, and created dedicated vascular access education sessions for pre-surgical patients – sessions which help patients understand the three types of hemodialysis vascular access and make informed choices about their care.

The team also standardized the procedure for booking surgeries, and worked closely with the surgeons to schedule surgeries within the 28-day target timeframe.

And, in the spirit of continuous innovation, the team checks in regularly with colleagues in the Improvement and Decision Support teams to identify opportunities to streamline processes and work efficiently.

Congratulations to the team, and keep up the good work!