Scarborough Health Network (SHN) is thrilled to announce the recent appointments of Ethel Macatangay, Director of Nephrology and Chronic Disease, and Dr. Tabo Sikaneta, Staff Nephrologist, to significant leadership positions within the Ontario Renal Network (ORN) that, as counterpart roles, will serve to enhance kidney care across the Toronto Region and provincially. Ethel has earned the title of ORN Regional Director and Dr. Sikaneta is the ORN Regional Medical Lead for the Toronto Region.

The Regional Director and Regional Medical Lead of a given region work in tandem to advance the goals of the ORN at the local level and continue setting the ORN’s priorities at the provincial level. Ethel and Dr. Sikaneta will work to improve care for people of the Toronto region affected by chronic kidney disease by:

  • Providing strategic guidance in the regional implementation of the Ontario Renal Plan.
  • Leading quality improvement strategies in Toronto based on shared experience and current healthcare climates.
  • Engaging primary care providers, nephrologists and other stakeholders in their regions.
  • Providing expert opinion on resource allocation for kidney care on the provincial level.

Ethel Macatangay: Regional Director of ORN

Ethel brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having been intricately involved with SHN’s Regional Nephrology Program since its inception in 1996. Beginning as a coordinator, Ethel played a pivotal part in the development of our nephrology program which now cares for more than 6,000 patients per year.

Her affiliation with the ORN started at its establishment in 2009, offering her invaluable insights into kidney care management and the early development of kidney care infrastructure in the Ontario health network.

Ethel’s personal journey as a caregiver to her father, a dialysis patient, has instilled in her a deep commitment to improving kidney care services, particularly in Scarborough. With her appointment as Regional Director, Ethel aims to amplify the Scarborough voice at the provincial level, advocating for enhanced access and equitable care for all. She believes that her representation of Scarborough, a diverse community touched greatly by kidney disease and dialysis treatment, will offer key insight into provincial application and benefit all of Ontario.

Dr. Tabo Sikaneta: Regional Medical Lead of ORN

Dr. Sikaneta’s journey at SHN has been equally extensive and involved. Since joining SHN in 2003, he has taught medical residents about nephrology and kidney care best practices. His collaboration with the ORN started in 2012, when he was appointed an ORN mentor for primary care physicians caring for patients with kidney disease.

His research on the demographics of kidney disease in Scarborough has shed light on the disparities in dialysis use and progressive chronic kidney disease faced by persons of colour and immigrant populations.

His appointment as Regional Medical Lead underscores this dedication to addressing health inequities and promoting equal access to kidney care services for all residents of Scarborough. This aligns with ORN’s mission of promoting health equity so that all communities receive the care they deserve.

What’s to come

As we embark on this new chapter, Ethel and Dr. Sikaneta will play instrumental roles in shaping the future of kidney care in the Toronto Region. Their appointment to these roles at ORN underscores the leadership, expertise, and commitment to improving patient outcomes as demonstrated in their work with the centre of excellence that is SHN’s Regional Nephrology Program – the largest regional nephrology program in the province.

Together, Ethel and Dr. Sikaneta will proudly represent SHN at the provincial table to make the needs of Scarborough known. In doing so, they will not only strive for improved kidney care and resources in our community, but they will also apply the lessons learned from Scarborough’s diverse sociocultural health landscape to the rest of Ontario.

They will also leverage experience from important development projects, such as the upcoming Bridletowne Neighbourhood Centre: a first-of-its kind community hub that will house an innovative collaboration between SHN, the YMCA of Greater Toronto, and United Way Greater Toronto, featuring vital community and health programs, including SHN’s Dialysis and Chronic Disease Clinics.

We congratulate Ethel and Dr. Sikaneta on their well-deserved leadership roles and look forward to their continued contributions to kidney care excellence in Scarborough and beyond!