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SCARBOROUGH (August 13, 2020) – In an exciting step forward, the group of more than 40 Scarborough health service provider partners is now being invited to move on to the next phase of the readiness assessment process and complete a full application to become the Scarborough Ontario Health Team (OHT). The application will be submitted to the Ministry of Health on September 18, 2020.

If approved, the Scarborough OHT will join the already approved 29 teams supporting the health service needs of Ontarians. When fully mature, it will serve one of the largest populations in the province. In the first year, the group will focus on one of Scarborough’s most vulnerable populations: people with age-related frailty, as well as multiple chronic diseases and mental health concerns. Health equity for Scarborough’s diverse community is a priority for the OHT.

“The Scarborough OHT partners are committed to designing an integrated system of care for Scarborough – one that puts person- and family-centred care at the forefront and is easy to access and use,” said Lori Berger Heygi, Client Family Advisor.

OHTs are part of the Ontario government’s plan to improve access to quality health care and provide a better patient experience. Health care providers (including hospitals, doctors, and home and community care providers) work as one coordinated team, no matter where they provide care, making it easier for people to navigate the health system and transition between providers. Scarborough’s health care partners have collaborated in many new and creative ways throughout COVID-19. The lessons we have learned from the pandemic will be put to good use as we move forward together.

“Building on our long history of collaboration, together, we can and will transform how care is provided for the people of Scarborough,” said Elizabeth Buller, President and CEO of Scarborough Health Network.

Learn more about OHTs at For questions pertaining to the developing Scarborough OHT, please contact