Last month, Scarborough Health Network (SHN) announced that it had joined in partnership with more than 40 Scarborough health service providers to create an Ontario Health Team (OHT) for Scarborough. In May 2019, groups interested in becoming OHTs submitted self-assessment applications to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, to demonstrate readiness to become a formal OHT.

The Ministry received over 150 self-assessment applications. Based on the self-assessment, interested groups have been placed into one of three categories:

    1. Thirty-one (31) have been selected to move to the “Full Application” stage with applications due in October 2019;
    2. Forty-one (41) have been identified as “In Development”; and
    3. The remainder (i.e. the majority of applicants) are considered “In Discovery.”

SHN is pleased to report that the Scarborough OHT has been identified as “In Development.” 

Groups identified as “In Development” have access to resources to further develop their OHT and submit a full application at a later date. The Scarborough OHT feels that this is a fair reflection of where we currently stand and we are told that there is a “small difference” between the full application group and the in-development group.

We continue to be very proud of what we have accomplished and thank all of our partners for what they have brought to the table. We have already committed to moving forward with building and designing our OHT and now we have the room to do it.

The Scarborough OHT partners have formed several working groups to design an integrated system of care for Scarborough, and expects that the OHT will move to the full application process in the near future. Building on our long history of collaboration, together, we can and will transform how care is provided for the people of Scarborough.

Learn more about OHT at For questions pertaining to the Scarborough OHT in development, please contact