As we continue to address the increased visits to our hospitals during the second wave of COVID-19, our emergency department is preparing for an increased surge this winter. In order to support that we are opening a new Satellite Emergency Department, located at our Centenary hospital.

To respond to the increased visits in our emergency department (ED) and ensure adherence to IPAC standards to accommodate appropriate social distancing, the ED is taking an innovative approach for continued quality patient care in the ED. The satellite ED, which is a freestanding structure located outside of the Centenary ambulance bay, will be used to provide care for patients as deemed appropriate (following triage and registration).

For anyone coming to our Centenary ED, you will be taken through triage and registration inside our main emergency department. Following triage and registration, if you are going to be seen in the Satellite ED, our emergency staff will help to provide you with information on next steps. Patients will be given a card that will let staff know they are being treated in the Satellite ED. Staff throughout the hospital will assist with directions and wayfinding if patients are required to enter the hospital again for testing.

Where to find Satellite Emergency Department at Centenary: outside Centenary's emergency department

The satellite will ensure the continued safety for all patients and staff while also continuing to see patients in a timely manner, and has been set up with consideration of all weather conditions and includes washrooms.