Barrier-free access to medical treatment for addiction and same-day counselling at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital
A Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM) Clinic is now open at the General site of Scarborough and Rouge Hospital (SRH), offering immediate help in the treatment of alcohol, opioid, or other drug-related addictions. Care is provided on a walk-in basis without an appointment or physician referral.
“The multidisciplinary team at SRH’s RAAM clinic – physicians, a dedicated registered nurse, and specialized addiction counsellors – is experienced in treating people who are struggling with substance use and who understand the barriers associated with getting help,” said Dr. Norman Chu, Medical Director and Chief of the Emergency department at SRH’s General and Birchmount sites.
In addition to fast access to medication-assisted therapy for alcohol and opioid use disorders, RAAM offers brief support and/or referral for individuals not currently connected to addiction recovery services and resources, and may reduce the impact of the number of overdoses that are currently being managed in hospital emergency departments across Scarborough.
“We are pleased to now be able to offer this support in Scarborough. RAAM is an important resource for any community; as we know, addiction knows no bounds,” said Mark Vimr, Executive Vice President, Clinical Programs, SRH.
“We want people to know this is a safe space. Our philosophy for treatment and care includes a client-centred, trauma-informed approach, without judgment, in a healing environment. Everyone is welcome here, even if they are not sure if they have a substance use problem, or are simply not ready to stop using alcohol or drugs.”
RAAM is part of the Ontario government’s Strategy to Prevent Opioid Addiction and Overdose. The Central East LHIN has made a $1.6 million commitment to assist those impacted by opioid addiction and overdose, providing support for RAAM clinics and enhanced support for existing community-based withdrawal management services and treatment in Scarborough, Durham Region, and Peterborough.
RAAM Clinic at SRH
General site, 3050 Lawrence Ave. E., Crockford Pavilion, Ground floor
Clinic hours: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9 to 11 a.m.
Tel: 416-431-8269 | Fax: 416-431-8291