An integrated Stroke Centre of Excellence will provide the Scarborough community an improved hospital experience with seamless stroke care, closer to home

For the first time, the Scarborough community will have access to seamless stroke care service, closer to home with the introduction of the new Stroke Centre of Excellence at Birchmount Hospital.

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in Canada, and Scarborough Health Network (SHN) sees more than 500 acute stroke patients every year. The new Centre – which will provide acute inpatient care for patients who have been admitted to the hospital for stroke, followed by occupational and physical therapy (inpatient rehabilitation) – means an improved hospital experience for patients, and greater independence and quality of life, all at a single location.

In addition, the Stroke Prevention Clinic will provide consultations for individuals who have previously experienced a stroke or symptoms of a stroke.

“Through our new Stroke Centre, we will be able to deliver the highest quality medical care that is designed to meet and exceed Canadian Stroke Best Practice Guidelines,” said SHN’s Dr. Bert Lauwers, Executive Vice President, Medical and Clinical Programs.

The Centre will result in faster timelines from admission to hospital inpatient rehabilitation, ensuring less time spent in the hospital for patients. Bringing together all stroke services on one dedicated unit will raise standards of care for the Scarborough community.

“In exploring the development of a Stroke Centre of Excellence for Scarborough, we consulted with several regional partners ” including Toronto Stroke Networks, CorHealth, and the Central East Local Health Integration Network,” said Trixie Williams, Director, Cardiovascular and Stroke Program at SHN. “Together, we evaluated leading stroke research, best practices, data, and analysis from our hospital and peers.”

In the coming months, SHN will share the plan outlining the processes, structures, and timelines for creating the Stroke Centre of Excellence. There will be opportunities for patients, families, community members, and health care providers to contribute ideas and input on how to best design this program.