Scarborough Health Network (SHN) has recently launched its Nurse-Led Outreach Team (NLOT), a collaboration with Ontario Health and Long-Term Care (LTC) homes to support care for elderly patients in our Scarborough community.

The NLOT team consists of Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses who will work closely with LTC homes to support resident care through assessments and treatment for those with complex needs.

As we celebrate Nursing Week, SHN would like to acknowledge and shine a light on this incredible team, who support some of our community’s most vulnerable populations.

Headshot of Doreen

“NLOT affords the ability to provide active, real-time clinical supports to LTC homes. Building on the relationships developed during the pandemic with our LTC partners, we are able to support our seniors with care within the home that may have previously required a transport to hospital.”

Headshot of Raveena

“Joining NLOT enables me to support our nursing colleagues who are also working hard in the long-term care homes in this incredible community of Scarborough. As a connector among patients, families, SHN and our care partners, we’re committed to being a reliable clinical outreach team.”

Headshot of Caroline

“Knowing that my patient is discharged with all the resources that appropriately meet their needs inspires me as a nurse. I am so proud to support our diverse population, including those who have given so much to our community in the past.”

Headshot of Sherron

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the NLOT team. Our team of highly skilled nurses provided compassionate and timely clinical services to residents in Long-Term Care Homes. Our mission is to offer urgent care within the LTCHs, which helps prevent unnecessary Emergency Department transfers. As a member of the team, I am passionate about enhancing the abilities of frontline staff in LTCHs to detect and manage acute changes in residents’ conditions. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve!”

SHN’s NLOT team works with the caregiver to enhance care and comfort at home, support a comfortable and safe transition, and restore health through assessments and treatment for those with complex needs. Additionally, they support clinical capacity, reduce transfers from LTC to the ED for those who can be treated safely at home, and enhance palliative care supports.

NLOT services include:

Hospital Transitions: Hospital in-patient assessments and consultations for LTC residents to ensure a smooth transition to Long-Term Care Homes.

On-site resident support: Resident assessments and interventional support in the Long-Term Care Home by the NLOT team within 24-48 hours. Virtual care consultations are also available.

Education for healthcare providers: Skills development and training for healthcare providers working in Long-Term Care Homes, including assessments and interventions.

Connections to additional SHN services: We facilitate connections to specialty services, both internal and external to SHN.

Thank you to all of our nurses who support this impactful program, and ensure our patients are receiving exceptional care – no matter what stage they are in during their health care journey. For more information regarding SHN’s NLOT services, please email