We are proud to announce our Community Advisory Council (CAC) for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

“We are thrilled to have these 12 diverse community voices as part of our CAC, providing integral advice and feedback on issues that will help us to improve the care experience for our patients,” said Michele James, Vice President, People and Transformation at SRH.

SRH formed its inaugural CAC in February 2018, following a robust recruitment process. Since that time, CAC members have shared their insights and perspectives on the hospital’s strategic planning, rebranding, and master planning work, and have developed a high level work plan for the group.

“The CAC is part of SRH’s broader community engagement strategy, and is an important means of ensuring the hospital remains engaged with and accountable and transparent to the communities it serves,” added Michele.

To learn more about the members of SRH’s 2018-2019 CAC and the work that they do, visit http://srhhospital.ca/cac/.