Scarborough Health Network Research Institute (SHNRI) is launching a captivating and insightful new video series, “Inside the Research”, which will shine a spotlight on some of our brilliant minds and groundbreaking work.

This engaging series celebrates our colleagues who are conducting research at SHN through our Institute, and all that they are doing to further SHN’s goals to improve population health, health equity and system integration and transform the patient experience through innovation, education and research.

Each episode of “Inside the Research” will provide a window into some of our Research Institute’s cutting-edge projects, discoveries, and breakthroughs that our dedicated researchers are leading. From pioneering treatments and innovative technologies, to novel diagnostic methods and profound insights into various medical fields, this series promises to offer a firsthand look at the incredible contributions being made within our health network’s research community, and highlight Scarborough’s incredible potential for cultivating game-changing research.

Episode 1: Inside the Research with Dr. Niraj Mistry on the future of newborn heart monitors

In our inaugural episode, join us as we delve into the world of digital heart monitors for newborn children – and how this technology could help improve care beyond the current standard of stethoscopes. Pediatrician and SHN-appointed researcher, Dr. Niraj Mistry, explains the possibilities and the work he is doing to make that a reality.

Watch the video below and stay tuned for more episodes of Inside the Research!