Scarborough and Rouge Hospital’s (SRH) General site has received rebates from Enbridge Gas and Toronto Hydro totalling more than $62,000 for the hospital’s work to improve energy efficiency.
A rebate of $45,614 was awarded by Enbridge Gas for installing a Flue Gas Economizer in the boiler room to establish better steam plant efficiency.
“It’s our pleasure to award SRH with this incentive,” said Matt Cannon, Energy Solutions Consultant at Enbridge Gas Distribution.
“By installing a Flue Gas Economizer, wasted heat that would have previously been sent up the hospital’s chimney can be captured and utilized for other hot water heating processes; resulting in a substantial reduction in the hospital’s reliance on natural gas.”
The Flue Gas Economizer installation is part of a larger energy savings project SRH has been implementing at the General site with its partner Ameresco Canada Inc., a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company. The project is meant to create a more comfortable indoor environment, reduce long-term operating costs, and meet stringent environmental standards set by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.
Other efficiency measures implemented as part of the Ameresco Canada project include a site-wide lighting and water fixture retrofit, chiller replacement, and steam plant optimization.
In addition to this work, six speed controlling drives – known as Variable Frequency Drives – were recently installed in the air handling systems at the General site. Toronto Hydro has funded 50 per cent of this project with a rebate of $17,288.
“These Variable Frequency Drives have reduced the hospital’s electricity usage by 733,834kWh annually – the equivalent of taking 82 houses off the grid. This is a substantial reduction for the hospital and they should be proud of their work towards energy efficiency and savings,” said Jana Jedlovska, Key Account Consultant, at Toronto Hydro.
“We’re grateful to Enbridge Gas and Toronto Hydro for these extremely valuable rebates, which will be used to reinvest in green projects,” added Tyler Crocker, Director, Environment and Facilities, at SRH.
“SRH is committed to partnering with our local utilities to find new and innovative ways to make each of our three sites more environmentally friendly and efficient.”