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Cardio-oncology team at the clinic in 2019.

Cardio-oncology team innovates with heart

Cardio-oncology team at the clinic in 2019

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, one of the first thoughts of treatment is usually chemotherapy and radiation. While many people understand these treatments can come with severe side effects, like nausea and vomiting, hair loss, and a weakened immune system, they may be surprised to learn about other lesser-known,

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NEWS RELEASE: Ontario Adding Over 50 Hospital Beds in Scarborough

Ontario Adding Over 50 Hospital Beds in Scarborough
Investment will Increase Hospital Capacity, Reduce
Surgical Backlogs and Improve Access to Care

November 20th, 2020

Scarborough― The Ontario government is providing $116.5 million to create up to 766 more beds at 32 hospitals and alternate health facilities across the province.

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9 signs you might be chronically depressed

Everyone goes through ups and downs in in life. Especially during this pandemic, there may be feelings of isolation and uncertainty that could lead to a temporary depressive state.

But sometimes, those feelings don’t subside. Clinical depression, sometimes called major depression, is a complex mood disorder caused by various factors, including genetic predisposition,

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Is this proactive, preventative approach in managing CKD right for you?

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health challenges of the 21st century. In 2018, 4.3 million Ontarians were living with diabetes or pre-diabetes, and by 2028, that number is estimated to grow to 5.3 million.

As home to Ontario’s largest regional nephrology program, which treats the highest volume of kidney patients in the province,

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Young and Healthy

Bringing innovation in mental health care to young people across Scarborough.

Scarborough Health Network (SHN) is always invested in the specific needs of our community. Sometimes, that means designing services that bridge a gap, or embracing the newest technology; other times it means seeking insights from our patients, families, and community, or raising financial support for new equipment and capital renovations.

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Community Advisory Council promotes access to mental health services in Scarborough

Scarborough Health Network (SHN)’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) led an open community forum on March 2, where participants discussed the Mental Health and Addictions Program – a key priority identified by the CAC.

Community members, SHN community partners, staff and other key stakeholders joined together to learn about accessing mental health and addiction services in Scarborough.

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Is it the flu or COVID-19?

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Influenza (flu) is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza A and B viruses and typically characterized by the sudden onset of fever, cough, and muscle aches. These are also common symptoms of COVID-19. Each of these viruses spreads through droplets produced while coughing or sneezing, when touching a contaminated object or surface and then touching your own mouth,