Vendors and Contractors Onsite

Vendors and Contractors On-site

To ensure we have the safest possible environment at Scarborough Health Network (SHN) to work and deliver care to our community, we have new guidelines in place for vendors and contractors working on-site at our hospitals.

COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

SHN has put in place an updated COVID-19 Vaccination Policy as of September 7, 2021 that is aligned with the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Directive #6. A key component of the policy and program requires all vendors and contractors to be fully vaccinated (two doses, including 14 days since their second dose), with the exception of those who have an approved medical exemption.

Included in vendors/contractors are:

  • Contractors providing on going essential services in the hospital (e.g. security, food services, etc.)
  • Agency nurses (NPs, RNs, RPNs)
  • Agency PSWs
  • Third-party vendor renting space

Excluded are transient contractors performing time-limited activities (e.g. one-time delivery, sales representatives, individuals coming into service equipment).

Starting October 1: Required testing for those unvaccinated

As of October 1, all vendors and contractors who are not fully vaccinated will be required to do mandatory COVID-19 PCR testing three times per week at a COVID-19 Assessment Centre and provide results to their own organization. Testing will continue be required until they have submitted proof to their own organization that they are fully vaccinated (14 days post-second dose).

Those who have an approved medical exemption, will continue to require regular testing (three times per week) for as long as they are working on-site at SHN.

Starting November 29: Proof of full vaccination required

As of November 29, all vendors and contractors working on-site will need to provide:

  • Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 (2nd dose received by November 16)


  • Proof of SHN COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Compliance Pass

All vendors/contractors who do not have a Compliance Pass or who are not fully vaccinated (2nd dose received by November 16) against COVID-19 by November 29 will NOT be permitted to work on-site at SHN.

Attestation Form and Compliance Pass

Your organization can support your staff by completing an Attestation Form that confirms they are fully vaccinated, and getting an SHN COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Compliance Pass for them. Your staff will be able to show the approved Compliance Pass to gain expedited entry.

  • Once the Attestation Form has been submitted, you will be able to print and complete the Compliance Pass for any applicable staff.
  • If the Attestation Form is not completed, your staff will have to go through screening. Only fully vaccinated vendors who provide proof of vaccination along with government-issued photo ID will be permitted on-site.

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Vendor Organization Accountability

Your organization is accountable for:

  1. Maintaining employee/staff records, including proof of vaccination or approved medical exemption
  2. Ensuring compliance with SHN’s policy, including PCR testing requirements
  3. Reviewing and following up on COVID-19 test results
  4. Providing any statistical data to SHN at the request of the Chief Medical Officer of Health


For questions or more information about vendors and contractors working on-site at SHN, please email