Screening at entrances

Screening at entrances

We are doing screening for everyone entering our hospitals.

We will be screening for symptoms and asking about travel history.
Anyone who does not pass active screening will be provided with the appropriate next steps, along with relevant resources.
All entrants are given masks to wear at all times when in the hospital.

For everyone’s safety and to mitigate the risk for spread of COVID-19 in our hospitals, access to each SHN hospital will be limited as part of the screening.

Every staff, patient and visitor who passes screening will be issued a mask that they are expected to wear at all times when in our hospitals. This is for the safety of everyone at SHN. We understand this may be something you are unfamiliar with, so please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our staff if you need help using a mask. We are here to help!

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and support. You are helping to keep our patients, health care workers, and community safe!