Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

2020/21 Quality Improvement Plan

At SHN, one of our key drivers is our Strategic Direction to Set a New Standard for Exceptional Quality and Patient Safety. This is more than an everyday commitment — it is a relentless pursuit of the highest level of safe, quality medical care, and the kind of mindful preoccupation that boldly defines our 2020-21 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

Our quality improvement agenda is also aligned with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Quadruple Aim for quality: 1) Improving the health of our patient population, 2) Enhancing the care for our patients, 3) Inspiring joy in our work, and 4) Reducing the cost of providing healthcare.

QIPs are built on a set of indicators that measure how well we are moving ahead with improving the quality of care patients receive and their experience at our hospital. For each of these indicators, we have developed a set of change initiatives for achieving our quality goals.

Our 2020-21 QIP continues to build on the momentum of SHN’s quality improvement agenda over our last three years as one connected health network. We have strengthened the foundation for quality and safety, and have made positive change through the implementation of many quality initiatives. For our 2019-20 QIP, SHN completed 100% of our change ideas, and saw a 5% reduction in patient incidents.

This year’s QIP reflects both the progress we have made and the course we are setting for the future in partnership with our patients, families, community, and other health and service providers.

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Quality Improvement Plan documents

The Narrative
An executive summary of this year’s plan that describes our driving priorities, how we have engaged patients and families, our work on key quality issues, and our greatest quality improvement story.

Download SHN 2020/21 QIP Narrative

The Work Plan (Targets & Initiatives)
Our plan for the year, outlining what are we trying to accomplish, our measurements for tracking our progress, and our change ideas for achieving our quality improvement goals.

Download SHN 2019/20 Work Plan

The Progress Report
A summary of how we did with last year’s QIP — including our indicator results and the status of the change ideas in the last work plan.

Download SHN 2018/19 QIP Progress Report