Dr. Susan John


Corporate Chief of Orthopedics at Scarborough Health Network
Subspecialist in Foot and Ankle Surgery and Reconstruction
Trained at the University of British Columbia and University of Toronto
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3030 Lawrence Ave E, Ste 414
Scarborough , ON , M1P 2T7
Phone: (416) 439-2662
Fax: (416) 439-2552
Specialty: Infectious Diseases

Conditions Treated

Foot and Ankle pathology including;, Ankle Osteoarthritis , Hindfoot deformity, Forefoot deformity, Charcot neuroarthropathy , See more at drwlatham.ca

Procedures Performed

Ankle Replacement, Hindfoot Fusion, Minimally invasive forefoot reconstruction , See more at drwlatham.ca

Clinical Interests

Foot and Ankle reconstruction , Hospital based process reform , Surgical technique standardization

Referral Instructions

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