Dr. Mansour Bendago


Plastic Surgeon
Residency Training , University of Saskatchewan and University of Toronto
Burn Fellowship University of Toronto
Master Certificate in Health Care Managment , Schulich School of Business

Fellow of The Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada
Certificate Of Speciality In Plastic Surgery ,the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
American Society of Plastic Surgery
American Society of Asthetic Plastic Surgery
Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery
International Society of Plastic Surgery

Past Assistant Professor of Surgery ,University of Saskatchewan

Past ,Division Head Of Plasic Surgery , Rouge Valley Health System

Past president , Medical Staff Society of Rouge Valley Health System

Past Treasure, Medical Staff Society Scarbrough Heath Network

Chairman Magna Plastic Surgery Inc.

Volunteer Surgical work overseas
Volunteer teaching of Trauma care overseas

Past and current Board member in not for profit corporations

1825 Markham Rd Suite 213
Toronto , ON , M1B 4Z9
Phone: (416) 284-4420
Fax: (416) 284-5543
Specialty: Plastic Surgery
Spoken language(s): Arabic

Conditions Treated

Breast Surgery (reductions), Hand Diseases , Hand Trauma, fractures , tendons, ligaments ,, Burns, Face Trauma, Skin Pigmented lesions / moles, Skin Cancers, Skin Melanomas, Skin Cysts, Soft tissue Tumors, Melanoma , Carpel Tunnel Syndrome , Trigger Fingers, Tenosynovitis, Ganglions, Soft tissue injuries , , Lacerations , foreign bodies, work related, dog bites, Congenital Anomalies( ears, hands, feet,), Port wine Stain Vascular lesions , Hemangiomas, Soft tissue lesions, lipomas , calcified Epitheliomas, Skin Neuroma, Necrotizing Fasciitis ( Flesh Eating Disease), Wound Care , Cosmetic/ Asthetic surgery , Post weight loss skin Surgery , , ,

Procedures Performed

Breast Reduction, Brest lift, Breast augmentation , Breast Capsulectomy of implants, Removal of Breast implants, Skin cancer Excision and Skin Reconstruction, Melanoma Excision and Skin Reconstruction , Excision of lipomas, Excision of skin Neuromas, Excision of Skin moles / Nevi, Excision of skin cysts, Incisions of infected skin cysts , Burn wounds care Including Skin Graft, Reconstruction of congenital anomalies of the Hand like Fused web fingers, Reconstruction of fused webbed Toes, Release of Congenital Trigger fingers in children , Extra Digits in Newborns Excisions , Extra ears polyps in newborns , Nerve Repair , Release of Carpel Tunnels, Release of Ulnar Nerve compression, Release of Trigger Fingers, Excision of Ganglions, Excision of DuptryenÂ’s contracture in hands, Plantar Fasciectomy in Feet for Fibromas, Laser Treatment of Port Wine Stain ( OHIP), Repair of skin lacerations , animal bites, foreign body removal, Sport’s Related Hand Injuries , Tendons Repair in hands, Hand Fractures , Nerve trait in hands and Arms, Wound Care, Diabetic, chronic, Ischemic, using Dressings and Negative Pressure Suction, Work Related Hand Injuries (WSIB), Cosmetic / Asthetic Surgery ( liposuction, breast augmentation, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, post weight loss skin Reduction , Arm lifts, extra fat in chins fat transfer to different Part of the body), Injection of Tissue fillers , Injection of Neuromodulators in the face for skin wrinkles ,

Clinical Interests

Skin Cancers, Breast Reductions, Hand Surgery

Referral Instructions

By Fax 416 284 5543
Phone 416 284 4420
For Urgent Trauma 416 281 7111

213-1825 Markham Road,
Scarbrough , ON
M1B 4Z9