Family Physicians and Specialists Collaborative Meeting


September 1


05:00 pm - 06:30 pm


Vaishali Nair


To attend this virtual event, please email Vaishali Nair at

Inviting Scarborough Family Physicians and Specialists!

The Family Physicians & Specialists Collaborative aims to improve patient care by providing seamless connections between primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialists for referrals across Scarborough and beyond.

As Scarborough Health Network (SHN) continues its commitment to improving lives through exceptional care, we are excited to share news about an upcoming project to offer OCEAN eReferral and eConsult platforms to all PCPs and specialists, right here in Scarborough. The Ontario eServices Program delivers digital services that support clinical workflows and facilitate smoother transitions in care and improved patient experience. This project has been successful in creating an interface with 85 per cent of PCPs electronic medical records (EMR), including Accuro EMR, OSCAR, Telus EMR. Through work in Hamilton, it will also link to EPIC, SHN’s clinical information system going live in December.

Benefits of OCEAN eReferrals?

•    Forms are pre-populated from your patient’s chart
•    Ensures complete referrals, eliminating the need to request additional information
•    Patients are automatically informed when the referral has been made
•    Integration with most EMRs allows you to receive and send referrals quickly
•    All costs are covered as part of the Ontario eServices Program, including training and set up

What we’ll be sharing
Join us on September 1, 2021 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. for a virtual meeting to review the OCEAN eReferral and eConsult platform in partnership with SHN, OH East, the eCentre of Excellence and CognizantMD (OCEAN) and the Scarborough Ontario Health Team.

•    Discover the advantages of the eReferral platform
•    Watch live presentations and demonstrations, outlining the platform’s functionality and usability
•    Participate in an informative Q&A session

Subject Matter Experts:
•    The eCentre for Excellence (eServices) — Karen Keith, Gillian Labonte
•    CognizantMD the manufacturer of OCEAN — Samantha Fitzsimons
•    OH East Digital Health Team — Amir Afkham, Alexander Russell

1.    Introductory remarks from Dr. Bert Lauwers, Executive Vice President Medical and Clinical, SHN
2.    eServices: Why eReferral and eConsult is important
3.    The Ontario Ministry of Heath (MOH) mandate and reasons for adoption — The Big Picture
4.    The OCEAN platform — Why it was chosen
5.    CognizantMD and/or eServices — 30-minute demonstration
6.    OH East Digital Health — Implementation and deployment in physicians’ offices: who, how, where, when, why?
7.    Facilitating Questions and Answers (David Belous, Chief, Strategic External Relations) — 30 minutes
8.    Wrap up and next steps

To attend this virtual event, please email Vaishali Nair at