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Pickering mom counts her first Mother’s Day celebration among many blessings following car crash that sent her into early labour

Looking out onto a bright blue, sparkling lake, Pickering mom Nisha Tharma holds her beautiful baby girl close to her heart. As the wind whispers and the waves crash, the pair are locked in, at ease and as close as ever.

A far cry to where this harrowing story began one year ago.

Learning the warning signs when someone you love is experiencing sexual violence

Sexual harassment, assault and abuse can happen anywhere. May is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and it’s critical to recognize and understand the warning signs of sexual harassment, cyberbullying and exploitation, as well as sexual abuse.

“It’s not always obvious when someone you love has been affected by sexual violence,” explained Lulu Paras-Fox, Patient Care Coordinator with Scarborough Health Network’s (SHN) Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Centre (SA/DVCC).

SHN performs non-perfused organ donation, holds longest organ retrieval on record

The decision to end life support is a difficult and sensitive decision for any family. At Scarborough Health Network (SHN), a team of compassionate medical professionals support patients in their journey, as well as grieving families and loved ones. A critical part of these challenging conversations includes organ donation.

Organ donation is an integral part of quality end-of-life care,

Photos of SHN PFAs Ally and Jan

What Patient Experience means to SHN Patient Family Advisors

During this Patient Experience Week (April 25-29), we take time to recognize the contributions of a special collection of people who participate in shaping our patients’ experience – SHN Patient Family Advisors (PFAs). This amazing group does their essential work for the hospital by sharing their lived experience as current or former SHN patients and/or [...]
Group photo of SHN's patient relations team

What does Patient Experience Mean to me?

Photo (left to right): SHN’s Patient Relations Team – Janice Fletcher-Broomes, Anthony Sacco, and Susan Lorimer

From nurses and physicians, support staff and executive professionals, to patients, family and the Scarborough community, so many people are working hard to make each patient’s experience the best it can be.

In celebration of Patient Experience Week (April 25-29),

Elizabeth Buller speaking at a podium

Leadership Announcement

Elizabeth Buller, our President and CEO, will be leaving Scarborough Health Network (SHN) at the end of her term on June 30, 2022. During her five-year tenure, Elizabeth made an exceptional contribution to the future of SHN – overseeing the successful integration of two organizations across three sites into one single network to provide outstanding service [...]

Part 4: Multi-Care Kidney Clinic with Mary Pauline Moolecherry

Each day, 78-year-old Mary Pauline Moolecherry wakes up with a sense of gratitude. She has been suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) for decades, but feels very fortunate. After being hospitalized in 2021 for an unrelated allergy, Mary’s kidney function took a downward turn from 16 per cent to only nine per cent. Despite her [...]
Cardio-oncology team at the clinic in 2019.

SHN’s Cardio-Oncology clinic internationally recognized as Centre of Excellence

Scarborough Health Network’s Cardio-Oncology clinic is marking a milestone after being internationally recognized and designated a Centre of Excellence by the International Cardio-Oncology Society (ICOS) – the only program in Canada to receive such a classification.

Leading the charge and sharing his insights is Dr. Kibar Yared, medical director of the Cardio-Oncology clinic and cardiac diagnostics at SHN.

Part 3: Inpatient Nephrology with Dr. Tabo Sikaneta

Described by his patients as “approachable, kind, and knowledgeable,” Dr. Tabo Sikaneta is well-loved throughout the community. As a nephrologist, Dr. Sikaneta works in the kidney unit at Scarborough Health Network (SHN), dealing primarily with dialysis and inpatient kidney care. Dr. Sikaneta explains the importance of the life-sustaining nephrology program even during a pandemic, along [...]