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Margaret Birch doing a ribbon-cutting for the Centenary hospital opening

Statement on the Passing of Margaret Birch

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Margaret Birch earlier this morning.

To call Margaret a trailblazer would be an understatement. She defied the gender norms of her time to become the first female cabinet minister in Ontario. In that role she oversaw a vast ministry which, at the time,

Person sneezing into arm

Is it the flu or COVID-19?

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Influenza (flu) is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza A and B viruses and typically characterized by the sudden onset of fever, cough, and muscle aches. These are also common symptoms of COVID-19. Each of these viruses spreads through droplets produced while coughing or sneezing, when touching a contaminated object or surface and then touching your own mouth,

Health care provider checking patient with stethoscope

Patient Safety Week 2020

Patient safety is certainly a big deal to Scarborough Health Network (SHN), but we’re not the only ones. In fact, there’s a whole week dedicated to patient safety in Canada. Led by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), Patient Safety Week (CPSW) is a national, annual campaign that started in 2005 to inspire extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality.

Katherine McGreechan, Library Assistant, TPL Bridlewood – alternatives to trick-or-treating

No trick-or-treating? No problem!

Halloween is sure to look a little different this year now that COVID-19 is a part of daily life and trick-or-treating is off the table for many. An unofficial poll of SHN staff and doctors revealed spooktacular alternatives to hitting the pavement and knocking on doors – from cryptic household candy hunts; to drive-by loot bag deliveries for fearsome friends;

Carla Holyk, BSc. PT, Professional Practice Leader, Rehabilitation

Six ways to stay safe all winter long

SHN’s Carla Holyk, BSc. PT, Professional Practice Leader, Rehabilitation, talks about six ways to stay safe all winter long.

Since the pandemic began in March, many of us have turned to neighbourhood walks and appreciating the great outdoors to help us stay active and social. As we get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather,

Patient receiving flu shot

Safe and Warm piloting innovative drive-thru flu clinics in Scarborough

News Release

Safe and Warm piloting innovative drive-thru flu clinics in Scarborough

A joint project for flu vaccination, coordinated by the Scarborough Health Team partners

 “It is important for everyone who can to get their flu shot this year. The flu vaccine will not protect you against COVID-19, but it will protect you from the flu or reduce the severity of illness from the flu.

Update: Scarborough Ontario Health Team (OHT)

Scarborough Ontario Health Team completes full application submission

SHN and our group of more than 30 Scarborough health service provider partners are excited to announce that we have now submitted our full application to form an Ontario Health Team to the Ministry of Health.

Completion of the application is a huge step forward and represents an enormous amount of work from dedicated individuals here at SHN and across our partnership group.

SHN Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Care Centre

How our Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Care Centre can help

For most teens and young adults entering high school or postsecondary studies, the return to school is a welcome return to more normal routines (er… as normal as can be during a pandemic). While some will dive right into learning, others will be more excited about the opportunity to reconnect with friends – and meeting new people in new places.

Alice, SHN Birchmount hospital student volunteer

What’s it like to be an SHN Student Volunteer?

SHN Birchmount hospital volunteer shares how the job has inspired big changes at school and home.

Last month, we began welcoming a small number of volunteers back into Scarborough Health Nework (SHN), beginning with our Birchmount hospital. Among the first reintroduced were student volunteers, who have resumed their vital roles as wayfinders and information booth support.