Calling all bookworms!

Digital and mobile resources to cope with mental health – especially with back to school

Now that students are back into the swing of things, SHN is excited to share this Back-to-School Reading List. Curated by social workers for SHN’s mental health program, this list features a diverse set of articles and mobile apps to support the transition back to school during COVID-19.

Mobile apps for anxiety and depression:

  • Calm – for sleep, meditation and anxiety
  • Booster Buddy – establish and sustain positive habits
  • Rootd – grounding for panic and anxiety
  • Headspace – meditations
  • Mindshift CBT – manage anxiety with CBT strategies
  • Shine – anxiety management specifically for BIPOC community
  • Daylio Journal – mood tracker
  • Happify – positive psychology and gratitude based

Recommended websites that contain resources and online course content:

Other resources: