Newborn Care

Because kids get sick at unexpected times.

Newborn Care

Your baby is safe in our care. We have leading newborn programs and services, advanced facilities and equipment, and expert health care staff and physicians. We provide assessment and follow-up for newborns to ensure they are getting off to the right start, and care for at-risk babies who have complications or medical conditions and need to stay in hospital.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Our NICUs are specially staffed and equipped to look after newborns as premature as 30 weeks.

Care is provided by an interprofessional team including paediatricians, neonatologists, nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, respiratory therapists, and lactation consultants. Admission to the NICU is determined by the health care team following the birth.

In addition, Care-By-Parent rooms are offered, giving families a place to stay with their baby before discharged home.

Newborn Assessment Clinic

The Newborn Assessment Clinic offers a wide range of services for mothers and babies after they are discharged from the Birthing Centre or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Most mothers are given an appointment to return with their babies within three days of leaving the hospital.

A nursing assessment, as well as a paediatrician assessment, is completed on each infant to monitor hydration, nutrition, weight gain, jaundice and overall health status. If needed, an infant can be re-admitted to the Paediatric unit for more specific care. Follow-up care is also provided for the mother by an obstetrician, if required.

All appointments are done internally at the time of discharge. If necessary, referrals or recommendations are made by a social worker, to the Breastfeeding Clinic, homecare, and/or support from Toronto Public Health.

What we offer

  • Well baby checkups
  • Weight assessment
  • Feeding assessment
  • Blood Work
  • Infant hearing test
  • Neonatal circumcisions (Cost: $350. Located at General hospital only.)
  • Post-Partum follow up
  • C-section wound assessment
  • Breast assessment
  • Staple removal

The clinic is available at both our General hospital (2nd floor) and Centenary hospital (7th floor), seven days a week. Please note: A lactation consultant is available Monday to Friday through the Breastfeeding Clinic.

Neonatal Follow Up Clinic

The Neonatal Follow-Up Program (NFUP) is a multidisciplinary screening clinic that works with families to focus on their child’s development by identifying any areas of concern, teaching parents activities that can support their baby, and/or referring their child to community agencies for ongoing guidance through treatment and consultation.

Our Services

The NFUP clinic has a Paediatric Neurologist or Neonatologist, Occupational Therapists, and Speech-Language Pathologist. The clinic monitors infants who are born prematurely with a birthweight below 2000 grams, who are small for gestational age (<3rd percentile), and/or born at a gestational age that is less than 33 weeks plus 6 days. Infants who are born with significant medical concerns may also be monitored. Infants are monitored between the ages of 4 and 24 months to identify any concerns with their growth and development.

At your appointment, the team assesses your baby’s motor, cognitive and speech and language development. Appointments usually take between 45-60 minutes. In order to improve the lives of these infants, it is important that families attend their appointment to ensure early identification of developmental concerns and intervention.

Contact Us

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