Local healthcare providers from across Scarborough are coming together to deliver palliative care services as one, connected collaborative. Known simply as Scarborough Palliative Care, the collaborative will work closely to create seamless access to services and resources, and better coordinated care. This will allow everyone to make referrals through a single point of contact that will then connect them to the most appropriate service from the full range of our combined network.

Complete our new Common Referral Form and fax to 416-521-3067. Have questions? Contact the centralized team telephone number at 437-290-8063.

Through this collaborative, several providers from within the Scarborough Ontario Health Team (SOHT) have come together to cover all aspects of palliative health services – from at-home treatment, to outpatient and inpatient hospital care, to hospice living and long-term care. Our collaborative includes:

We are taking the excellent palliative and end-of-life services already offered in our community and making them work better together across all settings that the residents of Scarborough feel are right for them. This includes being able to move seamlessly between settings (e.g. home to hospital, to long-term care, to hospice) as necessary, or receive services jointly from providers as appropriate. Care teams at partner organizations will be in close communication to understand the unique circumstances and needs of the individuals and families we are helping in order to better coordinate care, prevent administrative delays, and improve the overall healthcare experience.

Through Scarborough Palliative Care, “every door is the right door.” No matter how, where or who requests care, our newly-launched collaborative ensures people from across Scarborough will have equitable access to all the palliative and supportive care services our partners provide right here in the community.